The Three Step Process to Help Determine if Your Case Can Be Helped

Creating healABILITY Results

  • We have become the #1 Functional Neuro-Biomedicine Center in New Jersey.
  • Our program is based on science, safety and measurable results.

Dear Hopeful Patient,

Welcome to our office. We hope that you have had a great experience so far and are now ready to see if you can be helped. Our Neuro-Biomedicine Program began in 1995. We have designed personal Neuro-Biomedicine prescription plans for some of the most chronic patients, many of whom felt they had no options left. We can not only identify missing pieces of your puzzle, allowing us to understand your case in much more detail, but we utilize this important information in a focused effort to get results for you.

If you qualify, we want you to have renewed levels of healABILITY. We want you to feel physically strong, mentally clear, emotionally sound, and socially balanced. We take your case personally and are driven by producing results. Our programs are thoughtful, scientific, safe and effective. For 91% of the patients that qualify, positive results are seen in 2-4 weeks of commencing care. (Please see results page attached.) We look forward to listening to you, providing excellent customer service, and exceptional care. The doctors and staff will continually strive to ensure that you are feeling better, having better days, enjoying better relationships, becoming more productive, and bottom line, raise your healABILITY. Please ask questions and be open to learning. You have been suffering, and if you qualify for care, we are confident that we can provide you with answers. It’s our sincere pleasure to have you here.

To Your Health,
Dr. James Farley

P.S. If you have a spouse or significant other, children that live at home, or seniors whose children are helping in their lives, they will need to accompany you for all three steps. Thank you.

Step 1 - Free Phone Consultation

The purpose of this free consultation is to meet or talk, and then discuss your problem. It provides you with an opportunity to determine whether you are comfortable with our approach, and whether we are comfortable with each other as people. The consultation provides an opportunity to discuss and understand your case in detail, and to determine how your health and life have been affected. We will show you a pre-consultation instructional video that will briefly explain Neuro-Biomedicine and show you our Super 7 Plus Examination process that has been ranked as the #1 most comprehensive exam patients have ever gotten. Let's stop guessing and let's find the secrets as to why you're not functioning properly with a great Super 7 Plus Examination. After meeting, we will decide if you qualify for a Step 2: Super 7 Plus Examination.

Step 2 - Super 7 Plus Diagnostic Testing
Super 7 Plus Testing takes approximately two hours. Some tests are done at home and most tests are completed in the office. This fee is paid prior to schdeuling the Super 7 Plus Test. If you and the doctor agree that the Super 7 Plus Testing should be completed, you will be given priority scheduling. If you need time, no worries, we can put you on our waiting list, which is usually 8-16 weeks +/-.

Before the examination is done, we will show you one instructional video on the brain and why we're doing the exam, as well as re-watch the Super 7 Plus Examination video. These exam instructional videos lay the foundation for you to understand, learn, make good decisions, and if you qualify, provide care options. Then a full record review is undertaken to look at all Neuro- Immune Endocrine parameters.

We want to make sure that we can help you and that one of our full prescription plans are appropriate and will be effective. After your Super 7 Examination, you will have all of your exam results with you. Read these 3 times over, make notes, and formulate questions. 95% of patients see improvements in the Super 7 Plus results of 20%-500% in 10-15 weeks after retesting. (The fee for Super 7 Plus Testing for 63 functional tests is $1,299.)


At Step 3: Report of Findings, if you do not qualify, you will know why, and possibly be referred to an appropriate doctor. If your case does qualify, you will be given prescription plan options. These are based on your test findings, detailed paperwork, diagnostic tests, and blood tests that were previously run. (No new blood work will be run until your case qualifies and a plan is agreed upon.) This visit is where your entire case, which has been reviewed by the doctor, is explained to you in detail. You'll learn what we found, what's wrong (why you have low healABILITY), and if you will respond to our treatments. Each option will be clearly explained and the features, advantages, and benefits of each plan outlined. We will show you a great video on the ROF (Report of Findings) and see all the treatments that may be required. Then you and your significant other can make smart choices and intelligent financial decisions.

These customized prescription plans are developed to address your specific root functional causes and required treatments, tests, nutrients, etc. We do not treat any medical diagnosis. We do not change any medications.

If your case has qualified for a full program, you will be given 2 choices. The best recommendation with the deepest blood and specialty testing to understand your case as thoroughly as possible, and a good recommendation with less testing if finances are a concern for you. Both plans will produce results. Plan costs can range from $5,295-$58,567 +/-. Your insurance may cover some or none of the costs. Insurance reimbursement from case we've taken care of can range from $0-$18,104 +/-. Your recommendations are based on your Super 7 Plus testing, paperwork, and old blood work or diagnostic tests. If you decide to start care, TODAY ONLY, you can save a 20% prepayment discount. You can either pre-pay in full or put a deposit down of 1/3 of the total plan cost and pay the balance within 7 days. If you need time, you have a maximum of 30 days from the date of your examination, plus you will lose the pre-pay 20% discount.

Patient Results 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020:
  • 85+ new contacts per month from people desperately trying to find answers to chronic health problems
  • 1,000+ total new contacts per year
  • 380+/- face to face consultations with Dr. Farley per year
  • 50% of cases qualify for our program
  • 91% of patients feel better in 2-4 weeks
  • 95% of patients have improved Super 7 Plus testing after 10-15 weeks of care

The TOP symptoms that our patients report improving:
  1. Energy
  2. Sleep
  3. Focus / Mood / Memory
  4. Cycle Hormones
  5. Pain / Balance / Movement / Tremors
  6. Digestion
  7. Swelling
  8. Weight Loss
  9. Hair Change
  10. Improved Libido

This entire process will be completed within 5-7 days maximum. We are extremely busy, and no time can be wasted. Step 2 will be scheduled 1 or 2 days maximum after Step 1. Step 3 is then scheduled 1 or 2 days maximum after Step 2. Your spouse or significant other must attend Step 2 and Step 3. At Step 3, if you have qualified, you will make a decision on a plan and payment method. If you have not qualified, you'll be given a possible referral to another more qualified doctor. (If you have a non-supportive spouse or significant other and believe they will not support your case, please advise the office.) If your case qualifies and you can personally make all decisions on treatment plans, payments, etc., then you can move on to Step 2 and 3 alone. We understand that not everyone may be on the same thought process.

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If you follow our guidelines, we expect positive results for you!